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This tool runs the selected test cases and marks them as Pass/Fail/Blocked accordingly.

.Net framework 4.0

Please run the setup.exe file to install this tool. A shortcut will be created on the desktop.


1. Double click the shortcut to launch the tool and connect to Team Foundation Server.

2. Please wait untill the connection is established. All the available test plans for the selected team project will be loaded into the drop down list. Select the desired test plan.

3. All the available test suites for the selected test plan will be displayed. Select the required test suite and click Load Test Cases button. Please notice that this button will be enabled only upon selection of the test suite.

4. You will be redirected to a new screen where all the test cases belonging to the selected test suite and its hierarchical children will be displayed. Please select one or more test cases. Update their status by selecting a value from the drop down list and click save button.
Note: All the test cases can be selected at one go by clicking the top-left corner of the grid

5. A notification will be received once the selected test cases are updated.

6. You can return to the previous screen either by closing the existing window or by clicking the button 'Return to Main Window'

if MTM is open during this process/you do not see the updated results in the Test Tab, then please restart MTM to see the latest results.

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